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The safety and well-being of our students and employees is our #1 priority.

We do monthly fire-drills, and we have 24-hour cameras in every classroom.

active learning

Active Learning

We use an advanced curriculum to prepare our students for kindergarten.

We believe in early literacy and exploring the world through play.

special needs

Special Needs

We encourage special needs children to learn and play alongside their peers.

We allow specialized  therapy and testing right here at school.



We communicate with our parents via paperless daily updates.

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Philosophy - Tabula rasa

John Locke theorized that all humans are born as blank slates. He believed all humans have the innate ability to learn anything with the right education.

At Lullaby Learning Center, we believe all children, no matter their background, deserve the right to a great early education that will put them on the path to success.

We treat our students equally regardless of their family's ability to pay or if they use Purchase of Care assistance.

Anybody, with the right resources, can grow up to do anything. Everybody deserves the opportunity to try.

"...Lullaby Learning Center is dedicated to providing quality programs. Every child is unique. Your child may have special skills or special needs. At Lullaby House we follow your child's lead. We are committed to meeting the highest standards in implementing developmentally and educationally appropriate practices..."

Our History

Lullaby Learning Center was founded by Sheri Gebbia. Sheri (also known as Grammy to her students) has educated hundreds of children for over 30 years.

A parent of four wonderful children, Sheri's theories about child care and education started with a home daycare in Laurel, Maryland in 1989. Then in 1995, Sheri moved to Hockessin, DE where she continued her daycare in her home for another fourteen years.

In 2009, Sheri founded Lullaby House with her husband Joe and good friend Pam across from Beebee Hospital. There they cared for and educated infants birth to two years.

After outgrowing Lullaby House, Sheri decided to open a larger location in The Village of Five Points in Lewes in April 2012. There they acquired three large storefronts and customized their new center for children birth to pre-kindergarten.

They quickly outgrew this location as well, and Sheri founded Lullaby Learning Center II. This slightly smaller, 2 storefront location nearby in the Villages of Five Points opened in 2014 and housed a preschool and pre-kindergarten for children age three to five years while Lullaby Learning Center I housed children birth to two years.

Eventually, our Village of Five Points schools were just not working for us anymore. Our students deserved a place where they can run and be as loud as they want, and we can grow as much as we want.

In 2016, Sheri moved her family and her school to a large 4 acre property in Harbeson, DE. She custom built her new building with large classrooms, several huge outdoor play areas, and even a small pond that is home to all kinds of life.

Sheri is dedicated to keeping class sizes small in order to foster every child's interests. At Lullaby Learning Center, all of our students are given the same love, attention, and care as if they were Sheri's own grandbabies.