How do I enroll my child?

To enroll your child, contact us and place your child on the waiting list. When we have an opening, we will contact you to schedule a tour. Even if we do not have current openings, we will always have a waiting list to place you on. Call (302) 703-2871 or email kim@lullabylearningcenter.com to place your child on the waiting list.

Do you currently have any childcare openings?

That changes based on the age of your child and the type of care you are looking for. Give us a call at (302) 703-2871 and ask for Miss Sheri. If we do not, you can always request to be added to our waitlist, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an opening.

What are your rates?

That varies based on the number of children you have in the center, and the number of days you drop off. Please visit our Tuition Rates page for more information or give us a call at (302) 703-2871 and ask for an administrator or email info@lullabylearningcenter.com.

Do you accept Purchase of Care (POC)?

Yes! We do. However, parents are still responsible for the Parent Fee and Plus Fee each week. Visit our Tuition Rates page or call us at (302) 703-2871 or email info@lullabylearningcenter.com for more information.

Is there a minimum number of days to qualify for part-time care?

We have varying tuition rates for the number of days a child attends. Visit our Tuition Rates page or call us at (302) 703-2871 or email info@lullabylearningcenter.com for more information.


I’ve visited a lot of preschools and daycares. What makes you different?

We believe in educating the whole child from a very young age. We are committed to making sure that our students grow up with strong literacy skills and a love of learning. We have two circle times each day in every classroom starting with our newborns up to our pre-kindergarten classrooms where we sing, count, and learn in Spanish, English, and sign language.

How will Lullaby Learning Center prepare my child for kindergarten?

While we do not currently have a kindergarten or school-age program, we focus on school readiness and preparing our students for kindergarten and beyond. School readiness includes encouraging the development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual and auditory perception, numeracy, and linguistic skills.

What is discipline like at Lullaby Learning Center?

We use a method call responsive discipline with our students at all ages. Responsive discipline relies on guidance and redirection to teach right and wrong, while also helping children learn to take responsibility for their actions. We set reasonable standards that allows the child freedom of choice within acceptable limits. We try to help every child learn how their actions affect others physically and emotionally. We always encourage apologizing for undesirable behavior.

Our second method of discipline is positive guidance as a preventative measure. Positive guidance supplies and establishes predictable routines and classroom rules to prevent acting out. We also rely on our teachers to model kindness and respect for their students.

My child has perfect hearing. Why teach her sign language?

Sign language is beneficial for both hearing and hearing-impaired children. Children who learn and use sign language at a young age have better vocabularies, improved visual-gestural language, and even higher reading levels. “Fingerspelling” with the sign language alphabet has been shown to be an excellent tool for learning to spell, write, and read.

Won’t using sign language delay speech?

No! In fact, the complete opposite is true! In babies and toddlers, sign language has actually been shown to encourage speech at a younger age when signs and speech are used together consistently. By encouraging communication instead of crying, our students learn faster and communicate through speech and sign earlier than their non-signing counterparts.


What are your hours of operation?

Lullaby Learning Center is open Monday – Friday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Tours are scheduled after hours in order to avoid disrupting our school day. *While we are open for 12 total hours a day, a child may only attend for a maximum of 10 hours per day.*

My child is a picky eater, can I pack a lunch at home for them?

We deal with picky eaters every day. Our food is all homemade in-house by our kitchen crew. While we prefer our students to eat our food, because it broadens their cultural horizons, you may pack your child a lunch although we discourage the practice. Please call us at (302) 703-2871, email info@lullabylearningcenter.com.or stop in to talk with Miss Kim or Miss Sheri prior to packing a lunch for your child to ensure that the lunch you pack meets all state food requirements.

Can I send my child in sandals?

You may pack sandals as long as they are closed toe, and closed heel. With the possible exception of water-day shoes in our pre-kindergarten classrooms. *Every child must wear socks in the classroom.*

Do I need to sunscreen my child before school?

Please sunscreen your child before bringing them to school to avoid sunburn. Teachers will re-apply during the day, but it is the parent’s responsibility to sunscreen in the morning.

If Lullaby is closed on a day my child is scheduled to attend, can I switch days to make it up?

No, you may not switch days. You are responsible for paying for your child’s scheduled days whether they attend or not. Please contact Miss Sheri or Miss Kim or email info@lullabylearningcenter.com if you have any questions.

I do not want my child’s other parent to pick up from school. Will that be a problem?

Legally we are required to release a child to their parent regardless of personal situations unless it is court ordered. If so, please bring in the appropriate legal papers to put on file. You should also update your child’s emergency contact information and “DO NOT PICK UP” list.

I don’t want my child taking a nap. Is my child allowed to stay up with the teachers?

All children must take a “rest” period. The children lay quietly on their cot for the first 20 minutes of nap time. If the child is still awake after 20 minutes, they are given the opportunity to pick a quiet activity to do on their cot, like reading a book or doing a puzzle, for the remainder of the nap time. We encourage napping for all ages.