We provide an advanced curriculum, including sign language, from a young age in order to ensure that our students are prepared for preschool.

Daycare for birth to two is offered both full-time and part-time.

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Our premier preschool curriculum will ensure your child is more than prepared for kindergarten when the time comes.

Preschool is available all-day or part-day on a full-time and part-time basis.

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Extra Curriculars

To keep our students growing and engaged, we have everything from soccer practice to water play.

Your child gets access to everything their growing minds and bodies need.

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Your Child's First Classroom

We specialize in providing the children of our community with a first-class early development education. We are a family operated, learning academy for children birth to kindergarten.

Our program supplies many choices to best fit the needs of your child and family. Daycare for all ages is offered both full-time (5 days a week) and part-time (minimum of 3 days a week). Preschool is also offered as a half day option.

What separates the star performers and top leaders from everyone else is more than outstanding academic performance. Students need two sets of skills to succeed as leaders: intelligence and confidence. Confidence is the hallmark of a superstar.

Surrounded by caring teachers, friends, and adults, our students are ready to seize every opportunity, learn from every experience, and lead happy and successful lives. Put your child’s future first!


Top Ranked Classrooms with Loving Teachers

Lullaby Learning Center is a family owned operation dedicated to making sure that every child in our care grows up happy, healthy, and safe. Our students are our #1 priority.

We provide top-ranking daycare and preschool in Harbeson, DE for children birth to Kindergarten.

Tours are given after hours. Call to schedule a tour and appointment for more information.